Results of MRN annual survey

We are thrilled with the recent results of the MRN survey. A total of 81% of respondents felt that being a member of the MRN helped them in their work as a researcher/health professional. And a whopping 96% of respondents would recommend being an MRN member to a colleague. 

Two female researchers with British Lung Foundation lanyards in a laboratory
96% of survey respondents would recommend being an MRN member to a colleague

We are pleased to hear that 65% of respondents (35 people) said they had contacted other members for advice or to share resources. Also 56% of respondents (30 people) felt the MRN had helped them or maybe helped them form research collaborations.

Upon further investigation of the free text asking about collaborations or potential collaborations formed, there were 18 reports of collaborations and 7 reports of possible collaborations. 

The MRN manager is following up to find out more and establish if collaborations are formal, if funding is leveraged from them, and if research papers are likely to be produced.

To top things off, we had some lovely free text comments from members about how great they think MRN is.

Thanks to all those who took part in the survey.