Need high-quality patient material for your studies? Contact MesobanK!

Established in 2013 with British Lung Foundation funding, MesobanK has now collected samples from over 600 patients, 65% with confirmed pleural mesothelioma.

Available samples:

  • quality-controlled fresh frozen tissue
  • blood derivatives including germline DNA
  • 20 cells lines
  • sections from an 800-patient tissue microarray (TMA).

Prospective samples are accompanied by comprehensive baseline data supplemented with longitudinal updates from the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS).

Since 2015, MesobanK has processed 35 requests for tissue, cell lines or TMA from academic, biotech or pharma groups, several of whom have now published their work. During 2020 MesobanK will be developing mesothelioma organoids and adding imaging to create a clinico-pathological-radiological database.  Visit for further information.